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aerial photography

bringing real estate photography to new heights. only $175.

Why use aerial photography to market your home?

Once reserved only for high-stakes commercial real estate listings, aerial photography is quickly becoming a popular marketing tool in residential real estate. Aerial photography allows buyers to view the scale and context of the property. Drones have made aerial photography less expensive, easier to coordinate, and more widely-available. As residential agents discover the power of showing a different angle, this service is becoming more commonplace. With so many amateur hobbyists offering aerial shots, put your trust in a company founded in professional real estate media. Our aerials are not only a means of communication, but a truly beautiful work of art.

Aerials are a great way to highlight...
Outdoor pools
Tennis court(s)
Ocean or lake frontage
Private setting
Barn or Paddock
Circular Driveways
Private access road

Our top quality aerials show off your listing’s best features

Even as aerial photography gains followers in the home-marketing arena, these unique images are still uncommon enough that listings with aerial photography are sure to stand out. Our aerials are clear and visually appealing; virtually guaranteed to garner a second glance from prospective buyers. 

Aerials are a great tool for selling a home’s location — especially if you’re speaking to an audience outside of the local area. Aerials are a must-have when marketing to international buyers. Show proximity to beaches, parks, and other attractions.  Anyone can write “quiet neighborhood” in the MLS description field, but an aerial will divulge the property's actual level of privacy.

Aerial Photography & Exterior Photo Pricing:
for aerials
Our aerials cost $175 – this covers equipment, travel, editing and processing. Same low price no matter how much acreage your listing offers. With prices this low, you really can't afford not to order aerials from Property Precision.

We offer unbeatable quality. With 7 years experience in real estate photography, we know your market, we know your clients, we know your buyers, and we know your competition. Isn't it time you get to know us?
for exteriors
Aerials go hand-in-hand with Exterior Photos. Many of our clients who have put listings on the market during the slow, chilly New England winter request that we reshoot the exterior pictures as soon as the weather is warm. This is an inexpensive way to refresh your listing and bolster interest for the property.

Why not order exterior photography at the same time as your aerials? The total cost ($234) is less than the price of an interior shoot.