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tailored listing sheet spotlight
September 9, 2015
epic & expensive green line expansion in jeopardy
August 25, 2015
before & after
August 25, 2015
August 10, 2015
take a look at our tailored listing sheets
september 9, 2015
by jennie pane-joyce

Have you heard? We now offer listing sheets!

You can choose from either a two-page format (a double-sided 8.5x11” sheet of paper) or a four-page format (double-sided 11x17” folded in half).

We have pre-designed templates for you to choose from, and we’re working on adding more as we go. But you can also customize these templates with your own fonts and colors! We call this a “tailored” listing sheet. I think you’ll be surprised by how well these fit (sorry, couldn't resist) — take a look at this listing sheet we recently designed for our client Jennifer Bjercke. 

First, take a look at where we started. This is our 2-page "Sinatra" template.

Here's the original "Sinatra" layout:

We changed the fonts and colors from the Sinatra layout (above) to match the branding of Jennifer’s brokerage, Boston Real Estate Collaborative (BREC), LLC. The finished listing sheet for 2 Phillips Street, a charming Beacon Hill home with tons of stylish character, is below.

Anddd here's Jennifer's tailored design!

Isn't it amazing what a difference the color and font changes make? If you're interested in a listing sheet for your next offering, take a look at our Listing Sheet page, or contact Jennie, Marketing Director/Designer. We're adding new designs every couple of weeks, so check back periodically. And of course, we can always make a completely custom sheet just for you!

epic & expensive green line extension in jeopardy
August 25, 2015
by jennie pane-joyce

The Green Line Extension project recently revealed a surprise that’s leaving the state reeling.

A new cost estimate from the contractor sets the price for the first three stations at more than double the amount that state and federal transit official had estimated. Why such a discrepancy? The project’s costs were initially estimated when construction expenses were down due to the last recession. Plus, engineers discovered unexpected land conditions and polluted soil.

The new estimate reveals the project could cost $1 billion over the original estimates. Can you imagine being the one delivering the bad news to the state officials? I wonder if they made an intern do it…

What does this mean for the future of the project? According to Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack, “Everything on the table, and everything includes canceling the project, but that’s not where we want to go - but we need a project we can afford to build.”

Quick Rundown of the Green Line Extension Project:

  • 3.4 mile long main branch to Medford. This will become part of the D-line.
  • New Stations: Washington Street, Gilman Square, Lowell Street, Ball Square, College Avenue
  • 0.9 mile long branch to Union Square (Somerville), to become part of the E-line
  • New Station: Union Square
  • Relocate Lechmere Station

Click here for a map of the project.

Read More

MBTA’s planned Green Line expansion could cost $1B more than projected (Boston Business Journal)

Swelling Costs Could Stunt Epic Green Line Expansion (Curbed Boston)

Green Line Extension Project Website (MassDOT/MBTA)

before & after: robert road
August 25, 2015
by jennie pane-joyce

While all properties are beautiful in the eye of the owner, not all properties are beautiful in the eye of the buyer. That is until we get our hands on the photos. A professionally-trained photo editor can make a huge impact on real estate photos!

Run your mouse over the images below to witness the transformation they undergo.
Hard to believe it’s the same photo, huh? Our photo editing specialist uses powerful software to correct the distortion caused by the camera lens.
At Property Precision, the best human talent and the best technology converge to provide you with an amazing product.

Property Precision was founded by Jessica Howe, a lifelong photo enthusiast who received her Bachelor’s degree in photography from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston). Her knack for getting just-the-right angles has garnered her a loyal clientele. She shoots using the best equipment on the market. The photos are saved at the largest possible size, to ensure all available information is kept with the file. 

Our photo editor, Marta Rainoldi, is trained in painting. Jessica has spent hours teaching Marta her technique and standards. Marta’s seasoned artistic eye can tell which areas should be lightened and which should be darkened. Together, they ensure every photo from every shoot is the best it possibly can be. And when your commission is on the line, why not book the best?

Exploring in your neighborhood
August 10, 2015
by jennie pane-joyce

I don’t know when I stopped exploring. Maybe it was when I graduated college and moved back to the city. Or perhaps it was before that, when I reached the part of college where it stops being all fun and starts being about graduation. Freshmen in Boston are notorious explorers – hitting up college night at the Museum of Science, chillin’ on the Esplanade, going to Wonderland just because they can, and even exploring every single party house on the B Line. But college kids, just like anyone else who has relocated, eventually settle in as their new surroundings become less new.

In any case, I do know when I realized that I had stopped exploring - it hit me the other day, as I was basking in the midday, late afternoon sun atop a luxury hotel/condo building, not ten minutes from my house in the South End, and less than five minutes from my office in Back Bay. This was my first foray to the Rooftop Pool (or RTP) at the Colonnade.

For those who haven’t heard, the Colonnade is a luxury hotel with residences located in the part of Boston’s Back Bay that is close to Copley Place and the Pru. For $40, anyone can stop by and use their fabulous (and photogenic) roof top pool. Props to Jessica for the idea. I was amazed that I hadn’t taken advantage of this years ago. So many summers spent as an A/C refugee, wishing I knew of pool owner within a half hour radius of my house... I had heard of this rooftop oasis in passing, but it never dawned on me to actually go.

“Seeing area attractions firsthand can put more pep in your pitch, something that both buyers and sellers will notice and appreciate.”

Exploring your neighborhood can make you a better real estate professional. A real estate agent’s duties don’t stop when the door opens - your knowledge of the neighborhood can be the difference between an offer and a “No, thank you.” Further, a solid understanding of the neighborhood’s selling points can lead to a higher offer.

Seeing area attractions firsthand can put more pep in your pitch, something that both buyers and sellers will notice and appreciate. You’re not just marketing a home, you’re marketing the town the home is located in. “Location, location, location” is so cliché, but that’s because it’s true. Buyers can’t change a home’s location, so they better the love the location it’s in.

Hanging out on that roof-deck was awesome - and it’s convinced me to challenge myself to discover more local attractions. You should do the same - have you been everywhere in your town? Who knows, you just might stumble upon a new selling point.