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Make a statement.

Express your listing’s selling points with a well-design listing sheet.
Let potential buyers share the experience of the home with family and friends.
Influence decision makers without even being in the room.

choose a layout

We offer two formats – choose a roomy 4-page display (11x17” sheet folded in half) or go with a compact, 2-page format (single 8.5x11” sheet, double-sided). It’s up to you. Either way, our listing sheets are designed to deliver information in an engaging, organized manner.

click on the thumbnails for a live preview!
{ four pages }
rad in afternoon chai
{ four pages }
rad in shoreline
{ four pages }
{ four pages }
{ four pages }
{ four pages }
calumet in sunset
{ two pages }
calumet in atlantic
{ two pages }
{ two pages }
more coming soon!

make it yours.

make it perfect. choose pre-designed, tailored, or custom.

Sometimes things fit right out of the box. Other times, we need them tailored to achieve the look we desire. Luckily all of our listing sheet brochure designs can be tailored to meet your needs.

With a Tailored Design, we change the fonts and colors to match your company’s branding. This is especially useful for those under the umbrella of large corporate realty chains, as these institutions often have strict branding guidelines. We have the branding guidelines for many national real estate companies on file, meaning you don't have to do anything beyond request a listing sheet.

Don’t see the sheet that fits you? We also offer completely custom listing sheets. Email us to learn more.

how much does it cost?

We offer a variety of options to fit your needs. Please note, if you purchase a fully-custom listing sheet, each additional sheet made with that layout will only cost the base price. The same goes if you choose to tailor one of our pre-designed layouts – sheets made in the future with the same colors and fonts will only cost the base price. Below we have a fun flowchart to make budgeting easy –– please contact us if you have any questions:


Does the price include printing?
The price listed covers design, edits, an electronic copy, and a print-ready design. If you’d like professional hardcopies, please provide us with the contact info of your preferred printer. This way, you can pick the listing sheets up at your convenience, as opposed to waiting until Property Precision stops by your area.
Can I change the background color?
No, you may not request a change to the background color of the Pre-Designed sheets. If your heart is set on a black background, we can talk about putting together a custom design just for you.
How long does the design process take?
Please give us 2 business days from the date you provide all the necessary information, and 3 business days to produce a custom draft. We will do our best to exceed these turnaround times, but cannot make any promises.
This is so cool! My Open House is tomorrow. Can I get a rush listing sheet?
Pre-Designed and Tailored layouts are available for rush. Same-day rush is $100, (must be ordered by 12 PM for COB turnaround or 3 PM for turnaround by 10:00 PM), Next-Day is $50 (order by 4 PM). Keep in mind you’ll need to find a printer that’s open — Staples, UPS Store are good last minute options.
What do I need to provide Property Precision with?
If the listing is live, please send us a copy from MLS. If you’d like the listing sheets designed before your launch, you’ll need to email us the following information:
Is it possible to remove the Property Precision logo?
Yes! For a small $25 fee, we can remove our logo. You won’t reap the benefits of excellent karma which would come from spreading our name, but we can certainly remove it for you.