Floor Plans

We offer clear & accurate floor plans, tailored to your specific use.

Floor Plans for Agents & Sellers

Marketing floor plans
Floor plans are a great way to communicate information about a home to a prospective buyer. We will professionally measure your property. You will receive a clear and easy-to-understand set of plans, as well as an accurate reading of your home’s square footage.

Often, sellers’ agents come to us requesting a floor plan draw as they believe the home is larger than indicated by public records. They’re usually right.

Marketing Floor Plan Example

Interactive Floor Plans
add it to your plan for
Interactive floor plans are one of our most popular add-on services - and for a good reason. An interactive floor plan gives far more information than a traditional floor plan alone.

Interactive floor plans are a combination of marketing floor plans, described above, and our signature high-quality professional photos. The “interactive” part is the special sauce – interactive floor plans allow viewers to mouse over the floor plan and see pictures taken in that particular space. It even shows the angle which the photo was taken. Don’t leave potential buyers in the dark about your listing’s layout.

Interactive floor plans are a must-have for 
  • Large estate homes
  • Homes with unusual layouts
  • Buyers’ agents looking increase client satisfaction

Floor Plans for Home Owners,
Contractors & Developers

Real estate agents and their clients aren't our only clientele – we also serve real estate developers and general contractors. In addition, home owners call us when they need detailed plans for renovations. We use top-of-the-line professional software to create our as-built floor plans.

Our As-Built and Intensive As-Built floor plan options go a step beyond our Marketing Floor Plans. Our As-Built plans offer exact measurements and created to-scale.
The difference between As-Built and Intensive As-Built is measured in time and detail. The Intensive option features more measurements, and we’ll spend more time on-site. Tell us about your project and we’ll advise which is best for you.

We can also produce elevations and CAD files. When it’s time to do an extensive renovation, call us.

Elevations Example

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