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Compelling Content

Watch and see. Striking video tours can move your clients both literally and figuratively. In a matter of minutes, viewers are captivated by the beauty and function of the house. Each video tour is a work of art; as well a compelling means of communication that can transform the buyer’s impression of a potential home into a vision of their ideal home. PS: Yes, that image is a cake – representing “tasty content”

stress-free filming

Creating your own video tour is like changing your own oil. In theory, it sounds like a practical money-saver. In practice, it ends up complicated and time consuming. You’ll need to upload your video, edit it, export it, and post it. This becomes time-consuming and complicated. Leave it to the real estate video experts. We’ll create a video tour with the right lighting, the best angles, and subtle music. You focus on closing the deal.

the right tools

We use a 3-axis Gimbal! This specialized video tool is used to take steady shots while walking, ensuring that your audience doesn’t get motion sickness from watching your listing’s video tour.
Don’t let a sloppy home video tour jeopardize a successful sale - trust the Real Estate Marketing experts at Property Precision.

Homes listed with video receive four times more inquiries than homes listed without video. 
newton, ma video tour – 11 jacobs terrace

This beautiful home is Newton, MA is the creation of master builders Pine Cone Construction. We filmed this home tour video for their online portfolio. To fully appreciate the quality of this video tour, click on “HD” before viewing fullscreen.

lexington, ma video tour – 110 shade street

The opulence and mystique of yesteryear await as you tour the halls of this magnificent Spanish-style mansion, located in Lexington, MA. Listed at slightly over $2M, video is an imperative part of this property’s marketing mix. A luxury listing full of history!

boston, ma video tour – 3 cranston street

This gem of a home is tucked away in Boston's vibrant Jamaica Plain neighborhood. When we shoot a video for your listing, we create two versions – a MLS-compliant file without the agent’s info, and one for sharing around the web, with the agent & brokerage info.

lexington, ma video tour - 12 oakland street

An ideal mix of the old and the new; this video tour takes us through a delightfully renovated Victorian home for sale in Lexington, MA. Original detail, modern upgrades, lovely gardens – our video home tour shows it all! We also create a single-property website:

why hire us?

Our business is rooted in real estate photography - and we’ve made a name for ourselves by producing only the highest quality products. Great real estate photography is a blend of visual communications and fine art. When we take realty photos, we’re careful to pick the images that communicate the home’s top selling points. Our images are beautiful, vibrant, and clear - sure to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Our video philosophy is much the same - create compelling videos that communicate the right information in a visually appealing way. At Property Precision, we know that with overpacked schedules and short attention spans, today’s buyer doesn’t have time to watch a feature-length presentation.

Our videos for real estate agents have a luxurious feel, appropriate for the most bespoke luxury listings (but not lost on your suburban starter or summer home). 

Our realty videos are top quality - no grainy or distorted images. We take great care to avoid making your listing look like a “fun house” - no awkward angles or converging lines. Further, we pick appropriate music - soundtracks that compliment your home and subtly tell the story without detracting from the visuals.

Property Precision is headquartered in Boston’s Back Bay - but we serve clients from New York to New Hampshire and everywhere in between. Whether you need a video tour in Newton, Weston, or Westborough, we’re happy to come to you.

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